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Part of CCIP - Our Company Culture Improvement Program

Motivational Services

Motivational Services

Motivational seminars will boost your wellness program to a new level. These seminars will keep your employees inspired and invested in your health and wellness program. The healthier the employee, the more productive the company. Seminars on conflict resolution and motivation via CCIP (Company Culture Improvement Program) program are a great way to cultivate leadership qualities.

Nutritional Awareness

Teach your employees the truth about food, and how it affects the mind and body. Why feel tired and lethargic after you eat, when you can feel energized and ready to work? Workshops can be added to the end of workout classes and will keep your employees inspired to make healthy food choices.

Mediation Courses

Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness courses enhance focus, clarity, calmness, and the ability to problem solve. This eight-week course combines several techniques to balance energy, de-stress the monkey mind, and enhance self-realization. Guided visualizations, psychosynthesis, and motivational practices are all explored and designed to bring you closer to who you have always wanted to be.

Stress Management Seminar

Stress in the workplace comes at a high price for businesses. Stressed employees are more likely to be absent, prone to mistakes, easily fatigued, and commonly sick or injured. Stressed workers incur health care costs twice as high then non-stressed workers. We can help your employees better manage stress and become more successful at their job. Balancing work/life issues will reduce healthcare costs, absenteeism, turnover, and improve productivity. Our team will create a customized long-term stress management strategy tailored to your employee population.