Alycia Benson – Principal
Midland Elementary School

“I had the opportunity to work with Elevate and they have been teaching our teachers different Social and Emotional Practices to make sure the whole child is successful throughout the day – and it’s really been working.”

“These Social and Emotional Practices are helping underserved students, like African-American males. In MVUSD we are committed to closing the school-to-prison pipeline.

Akasha Dykes – Teacher
Fairfax Junior High

“This week has been going very well with my students. They are so excited about the Prizing cards and everyone wants to be the one to deliver the messages.

My most impactful moment happened today, when one of my students had written on the back of her Prizing card and gave it to me! The things she said were so thoughtful and it was even more special because I had never mentioned anything about them writing on the cards- I just said it was theirs to keep. It just goes to show how much influence Modeling the Way can have.

Looking forward to next week. We defined Patient and Irritated emotions and throughout the week we touched on all of the other aspects. They are getting more comfortable with the Breathing and Stretching routines as well. This week has really helped me mentally and spiritually too. I feel better being at work and everyone who I’ve prized has had a follow-up conversation with me. It is nice to feel more connected.

Seema Paul – Principal
Los Angeles County Office of Education

“I highly recommend the educational, motivational and coaching services provided by Elevate Corporate Wellness. As a Principal of multiple high schools in areas ranging from Montebello, East Los Angeles to Hollywood the needs of my students varied dramatically by the location of the school. The overall need was parental engagement and strengthening relationships between my students, parents and teachers. Elevate came in and tailored a program that individually met the needs of each school. We saw a tremendous benefit in a short period of time. We were provided data throughout the process that allowed us to see what was and was not working and that informed future practices. Again, I wholeheartedly recommend this company if you want to see a culture shift.”

LA County Office of Education

Cindy Hurley Grohman – Enrollment Manager
University of Phoenix

“I chose Sami to come present to my team for a teambuilding event at the campus. At that time I was managing a staff of about 10 people in the enrollment department at University of Phoenix. The primary goals in my department were to provide excellent student service and guidance into our programs. I had a very tenured staff.

I knew that my team would enjoy the presentation Sami gave because they were a highly motivated staff. At that time it was difficult to take people off campus so I needed to provide something at the local level. I wanted something that my team could also use outside of work. So many trainings are designed to help with the job but I wanted something different.

Sami did an excellent job on presenting on goal setting – it was geared for personal or professional goals. What they seemed to really like the most was that she provided actually tools to help them and worked with them during the seminar. My team walked away with tools and also the confidence to start setting and accomplishing new goals. Also Sami has a unique way of holding people accountable in a positive way, not easy to do in a three hour workshop.

Not only was the presentation well received, we also saw an increase of overall team work and morale. In addition people started to have more balance in their lives, that they were able to create on their own.

Thank you!”

Molina Healthcare

Shannon Paul – Director of Employee Wellness
Molina Healthcare

“I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Sami and her team at Elevate for an amazing transformation in the camaraderie, stress relief and productivity at Molina Healthcare. We had the Elevate team in several of our locations throughout California from Sacramento to Long Beach. We specifically placed Elevate in areas that needed either a culture shift, held high stress level positions, or wanted to create a better synergy between staff, managers and the clients we serve.

Elevate was able to bridge the gap between the hourly staff and leadership through team building without the staff realizing it. The types of interactions, classes, communication strategy and work environment that Elevate created inspired partnership amid the medical side and business side of the company. This partnership built a collaborative approach to helping our clients receive the highest level of care.

Walking the hallways I observed staff from different floors and divisions connecting and solving issues before they arose due to their new level of understanding of one another’s jobs and how they all interweave. Specifically, email communication and phone communication became more clear, streamlined and efficient vs. misunderstood and offensive/defensive.

The goal of Molina has always been to create a “One Molina” where all employees have the same vision and understanding of the clients and communities we serve. The Elevate team helped our employees ELEVATE to working with enthusiasm, participating in different department collaborations, effective teamwork, respectful and timely telecommunications, and an overall more productive workforce! We applaud Elevate and hope that others reading this will choose them to affect the culture and productivity of their business. ”

Molina Healthcare