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Gift Outside the Box this Holiday Season Affirmation Cards and Poetry

Elevate Affirmation & Intention Cards

Elevate Affirmation & Intention Cards make a thoughtful and intentional gift that allow your family and friends to create special memories. Think of all the time you'll spend gathered around the dinner table this season. These cards can be shared and used as table topics, during intimate family dinners or large group gatherings. You know you are going to talk about something around that table, so why not have those topics bring you down a path of curiosity and appreciating one another. 

Start your meals off this holiday season with positive conversation starters as you try the ideas listed below!

  • Place the cards face down and spread them out. Each person takes a moment to wave their hand over the cards and pick the one they are drawn to. Look at the card and jot down why you like it and how you can, or are, implementing the concept in your life. Remember this is about positivity and seeing the best in yourself. Go around the table and take turns sharing your cards. Have people chime in and reveal why the card reminds them of the sharer. When a person’s turn is over, everyone claps and cheers. This is so fun and leads to great conversations. Everyone gets to keep their card; it is your gift to them – people love that! Encourage them to place the card where they can see it everyday and live into the affirmation. What a beautiful gift.
  • Other options:
  • Have a card pre-placed face down on each place setting.
  • Have the cards face up and everyone picks the one that reminds them of themselves.
  • Continue the process described above.
  • When someone picks an affirmation card accompanying a poem, they win a spoken word experience, the video can be  found in the course. Recognize that card as a lucky winner and have everyone clap as if they won the lottery. Make it fun!
  • You can also print out the poetry that goes with the card and have someone recite the spoken word to the lucky person who chose that affirmation card.

Life is about creating special moments with the people in our lives. Give the gift that keeps on giving: Elevate Affirmation Cards & Poetry, making memories for a lifetime.

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