School Climate Improvement Partnership (SCIP) is a progressive and forward approach to addressing the social and emotional needs of all stakeholders involved in mentoring our next generation of powerful future leaders. 

Data Results of SCIP:

•  Since the implementation of Social and Emotional Practices (SEP) in Fall 2018, the Principal has reported zero suspensions along with four referrals.

•  Since the implementation of SEP in Fall 2018, the Principal has reported a decrease in the chronic absentee rate from 16% to 13%.

•  Per the Principal, “Because teachers have more tools, they are intentionally creating spaces where students want to be.”

•  84% of the Midland teachers are rating various aspects of the program at a 4/5 out of 5.

Watch Videos:

This video documents the success of SCIP at Midland Elementary School:


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